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Dietary fiber moduleformulated with a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibers.


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More information about BariFIBER

  • 210 g jar of Bariatric Fiber, neutral flavor.
  • Classified as Food for Special Medical Uses (AUME). Indicated for the dietary management of patients who require an additional contribution of fiber and cannot cover their needs with the normal diet.
  • The intake of dietary fiber has multiple health benefits at the digestive (constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis, etc.) and metabolic (control of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) levels. EFSA recommends a dietary fiber intake of more than 25 g per day.

Our customers' opinions about our Bariatric Fiber

The best dietary fiber I have ever tasted.


Thanks to fiber, intestinal transit and digestion are much better.


It is the best I have taken so far. Until I found out about this company I had been taking another brand of vitamins and I have always been below normal levels. And with these I am now normal and even in some cases a little above. At least they do what they are supposed to do.


I am very happy with the company they are very efficient in their work very fast delivery everything has been very positive.


I had a small setback and they solved it immediately without any problems. Very happy THANK YOU


I have already had my three months analysis and they are perfect! The delivery was very fast.


I ordered Barimix Bypass, the process was easy and it arrived on time. I have had gastric bypass surgery and with Barimix Bypass my blood tests are perfect.


The perfect solution to my treatment. It is the best one I know. The perfect complement to my diet.


Since my nutritionist recommended it to me, I feel a little less tired and more vital.


Buy BariFIBER Bariatric Fiber online

After bariatric surgery, the digestive system undergoes significant changes that can affect intestinal health. Dietary fiber plays a crucial role in these cases as it can help prevent constipation, which is a common concern in bariatric surgery patients due to changes in the digestive system and changes in food and fluid intake.

Fiber supplementation for people undergoing bariatric surgery can help maintain a healthy digestive system and promote proper intestinal transit.

BariFIBER is a dietary fiber module, formulated with soluble and insoluble fibers. Now you can buy it online quickly, easily and safely.

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Why buy BariFIBER food supplement at Bariatricline?

Our products are developed by our technical team of pharmacists and nutritionists following the current scientific evidence and the clinical guidelines of the scientific societies of bariatric surgery at national and international level.

First Spanish laboratory specialized in bariatric surgery

Products developed based on scientific evidence

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