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Exercises after bariatric surgery

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Exercise routines for bariatric patients

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At BariatricLine, we work to provide you with all the tools you need to include a exercise routine after bariatric surgery in your daily life, through simple programs that you can carry out from your own home.

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The ideal combination: aerobic and strength training

The ideal guideline is a combination of aerobic and strength training, always preceded by an adequate warm-up and ending with stretching. Why?

  • The heating prepares the body for the activity to be performed and reduces the risk of injury.
  • The aerobic exercise promotes cardiovascular work.
  • The strength exercises increases muscle mass and muscle quality, with associated benefits to the endocrine system.
  • And the stretching exercises improve flexibility.

Why exercise after bariatric surgery?

The changes in habits The right lifestyle, both in terms of diet and physical activity and exercise, are essential to achieve an optimal state of health.

The physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by the muscles that requires the expenditure of energy. And by physical exerciseThe term "physical activity" refers to planned, structured and repetitive activity that will improve physical capacities, such as strength, endurance and flexibility, among others.

Physical activity makes us less sedentary and physical exercise has demonstrated multiple benefits as:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Enhancing weight loss after surgery from fat mass
  • Preserve and increase muscle mass
  • To favor the maintenance of lost weight in the medium and long term.
  • Improving diabetes control

Our supplements and products for bariatric surgery

We are a laboratory specialized in products to improve health status and the quality of life of people who have undergone or are about to undergo surgery. bariatric surgery.








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Recipes for good nutrition after bariatric surgery

Bariatricline's team of dieticians-nutritionists develops very appetizing recipes that will help you to enjoy food while reaching your nutritional goals and cover your specific needs after the operation.

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Don't know which vitamin supplements to choose according to your bariatric surgery?

If you do not know which vitamin supplements to choose according to your surgery, Bariatricline can advise you.

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